Fred Sigernes
Position Prof. physics
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Updated  10/31/07.

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Shortly .... Auroral / atmospheric researcher. I am  interested in the field of imaging spectroscopy.  Constructed 5 multipurpose spectral imagers and several airborne imagers to study light properties of any target with high spatial and spectral resolution. Also, hired at the Norwegian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Fiskeriforskning) to study light properties in fish, known as FISH OPTICS. I see myself as an optic experimentalist. My previous  job was to be in charge of lectures and science in the field of middle atmospheric physics at UNIS. Currently I am  hired as Professor in optics and atmospheric research. In addition,  I  am chief of the Kjell Henriksen Observatory at UNIS. 

Recent research projects (2000-2007)

Research projects (1993-99)

  • Upgraded and tested 3 Auroral Ebert-Fastie spectrometers at
    Nordlysstasjonen. (1mGreen;1/2mBlack;Silver Bullet). 
  • Supported Optical ground-based data to SCIFER rocket.
  • Photometric Triangulation on the Dayside (LyR-NyÅ). 
  • The Meridian Imaging Spectrograph (MIS). 
  • A Monte Carlo simulation of proton precipitation. 
  • Installation & operation of imaging CCD Spectrograph / Michelson.
  • Distributed and analyzed real-time data from Nordlysstasjonen.
  • Co-adviser for 3 graduate students Nordlysobservatoriet (UiTø)
  • Co-PI Azimuth Scanning Photometer (UiO) 
  • Co-PI Daylight spectrograph for Albedo measurements.
  • UV / Ozone measurements in Tibet  
  • The imaging spectrograph project
    1) Multipurpose spectral imager (Spextube); 2) Three lab imagers
    (SpextubeIV); 3) Airborne imagers (Airspex). See firm YaARCo.
  • The star pointing spectrometer at the Auroral Station in Adventdalen.
  • Spectral measurements of solar UV from UNIS.

Madam Curie Training Site: ARSA Final Scientific Report [pdf]

AGF-218: Compendium V0.1 [F.Sigernes]
                   Propulsion handouts by P. Erichsen
                   Satellite mission examples by S. Roemer [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7]
                   Sensor Technology by K. Brieb [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7]
                   Svalbird & Hyperspectral imaging by F. Sigernes [1, 2 & 3]
                   Mini-Dusty manual by S. Olsen & D. Noteborn [1, 2]

AGF-331: Compendium [swf][pdf]

A) Ozone Chemistry and Solar UV Lecture notes: [1, 2, 3 & 4
The Antarctic Ozone hole:(5); Overview of the middle atmosphere dynamics (6).

LIDAR Lectures by dr. Roland Neuber, Ny-Ålesund 2003.

D) MSR radar Lectures by dr. J. Røttger, Longyearbyen 2005:[swf][pdf][ppt]  

FESTA TASK:Focused Experimental and theoretical STudent Activity
RESPONSE   : "Temperature measurements of the OH layer in the upper
                              middle atmosphere during FESTA-campaign on Svalbard"

F) Aurora & Airglow image from Space shuttle