AirSpex 2007

5.1. Flights


03.05.2007 Helicopter over Longyearbyen


After waiting for good weather the good weather didn’t come, so we decided to fly below the clouds at an altitude of 700 meters (2000 ft) instead. This wasn’t possible with the Dornier, so we used LIMSAR Limited search and resque, SA 365 N2 for this purpose (figure 5.1.1). We mounted the equipment on the left side of the aircraft, with the instruments pointing out through the opened door (figure 5.1.2).  Two people were sitting in front, controlling the spectral video recorder, the gyro and the computer programs. Next to the instrument at the back, one person was monkey strapped while operating the camera manually, taking four pictures per second.



















Figure 5.1.1: The helicopter


















Figure 5.1.2: The instrument setup from the front (left) and from behind (right).  In the leftmost image the spectrograph is positioned to the left, the camera in the centre and the web camera is to the right.


The flight plan consisted of two routs, A and B, see map, figure 5.1.3. We were divided into two groups, and each group flew the routs twice. We startet to fly from A0 to aligned the helicopter  toward the target line. From A1 to A2 we did our measurements. The coordinates for our flight is shown in table 5.1.1.









Tabel 5.1.1: The coordinates for our helicopter flight.
























Figure 5.1.3: Shows our flying rout over Longyearbyen.






N 78° 10.161´ E 15° 28.464´

N 78° 12.198´ E 15° 36.432´

N 78° 13.134´ E 15° 40.033´




N 78° 14.703´ E 15° 43.575´

N 78° 13.403´ E 15° 38.361´

N 78° 12.466´ E 15° 34.760´