AirSpex 2007

5.3. Dronespex flights


10.05.2007 Dronespex flights over Longyearbyen


Norut IT arrived in week 19 with the UAV/drone. This year’s campaign consists of two planes, called “Taxi” with autopilot (Figure 5.3.1 a) and “Otto” with RC control only Figure 5.3.1 b).


The following instruments are used in Otto:



IMU (initial motion unit)



Digital camera


The following instruments are used in Taxi:


Autopilot w/GPS



The instruments were transported to the airport in a bandwagon, where the campaign flights were to take place. Our first attempt was to fly with “Taxi”, but it failed due to trouble with interference. The goal was to go through autopilot trimming procedure. The next day we made a second attempt, this time with UAV/drone “Otto”. After some problems with the propeller and the GPS, it was successfully airborne. Unfortunately we didn’t get to analyze the data obtained, because the GPS did not work correctly during the flight. This caused the spectra to not record properly. As an example, the 502 nm spectral image is displayed here. The goal was to acquire spectral imager data and digital image data with Otto.












                                                   a)                                                                 b)


Figure 5.3.1: The UAV/drones a) Taxi and b) Otto.



























Figure 5.3.2: The payload on Otto, with the spectrograph marked with A.