The Airborne Spectroscopy Experiment

This is a project related to the AGF-330 course, Advanced Spectroscopy and Remote Sensing at UNIS. If we do not have hangovers, it might be possible that we will collect some data during flight missions.

In the near future you will find a reasonable scientific discussion about the results.
Be patient!


Chief commander of the mission 2001:
Fred "InfraFred" Sigernes

Pilots, Co-Pilots and AirHostesses:
Olivier "Olli" Rits ; Sascha "ZaZa" Willmes ; Dave "2001" Nys ;
Pekka "Shaggy" Puhakka ; Wang La "Mr. La" ; Gylsang "Mrs. La" Dronma ;
Kjell Tore "KT" Bygdnes ; Johnny Groneng "Stud.Scud" Aase ; Sophus "Sophusticated" AArnęs