Some pictures

The data retrieved from the experiment is a set of 17 spectral images. Ranging from 5010┼ up to 7211┼.

Results from the second flight. The section starts at Hiortfjellet, crosses Isfjord, passes over Longyearbyen, Nybyen, Sarkofagen, Larsbreen and stops at Hňberget. Actually the scene is taken in the opposite direction, starting from Hňberget.
The colorcomposite image at the end is achieved by selecting three appropriate spectral images and assign them respectively to Blue, Green and Red.

5010┼5010┼ 5422┼5422┼ 5835┼5835┼ 6248┼6248┼ 6661┼6661┼ 7073┼7073┼ color   Colorcomposite colorbar