1. Teach / show students basic satellite construction.
  2. Let students command the satellite.
  3. Use the satellite with the airborne campaigns at UNIS. Part of AGF-330: Imaging spectroscopy by plane (See http://fred.unis.no and http://www.unis.no/studies/ )
  4. Ice formation in the Arctic
  5. Vegetation studies on Svalbard
  6. Validate the satellite
  7. Make Stereo images of Svalbard
  8. Supply images to the geological visualization system of Svalbard made by Statoil
  9. Auroral studies: Track the Auroral Station in Adventdalen (http://haldde.unis.no) by the satellite to obtain both images of the day- and night side aurora from ground and space.
  10. Image the cloud cover / weather applications.
  11. Marine resource research
  12. Arctic Environmental protection studies
  13. Polar Search and Rescue studies
  14. Develop future satellite instrumentation for TUBSAT.
  15. Interdisciplinary studies (Geophysics down to Biology)
  16. Promote the project to recruit new students.
  17. Make a closer link between the Norwegian Space Center and the teaching at UNIS
  18. The list can be continued .