1. SVALSAT will test whether they can demodulate the Video-signal from DLR-TUBSAT without the S-band receiver from Berlin.
  2. Can we use the LLMS (Little LEO Messaging System) Yagi at SVALSAT to track and command the satellite?
  3. Component investigation.
  4. Link transceiver, operational software and the demodulator from Berlin to the Yagi.
  5. Recruit and train key personnel to command the satellite.
  6. Sort out / discuss operational schedule of the S-band antenna.
  7. The experiment has so far been operated on a zero budget. Do we need to change philosophy?
  1. Integrate the project into the courses at UNIS.
  2. Design and conduct campaigns using the satellite.
  3. Analyse data to start to look for useful applications.
  4. Initiate student exchange programs with the Technical University Berlin?
  5. The list can be continued!